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Has Modern Christianity Become a Cult?

This website is strictly for the purpose of trying to establish what was once the original 1st-century, Messianic Biblical faith. Obviously, any rationale professing Christian would want to verify this as well. After all, it’s Nazarene Messiah warned everyone that the salvation path was very narrow and few would find it, so it’s more than prudent to give this subject close scrutiny.

So we all must ask, is Modern Christianity (MC) the same as the original form? Even by the simplest of comparisons, MC resembles little of the times and convictions of Peter, Paul, and other such Biblical notables. Yet, some may question, “who cares, isn’t it just about Jesus anyway?” Not so, says the Bible. It’s all about getting the 1st-century gospel from their perspective, not a morphed variety a few millennia later.

A ‘cult’ is defined as a sect that strays from the original religion or faith. Any change in doctrines and theology authenticate this. So the question must be asked, ‘Has Christianity changed beyond the 1st century?’ A close look shouts an emphatic ‘yes’, and so this series of audio messages demonstrates how and where this has happened. Even greater, however, is do these changes affect the original gospel, and if so, is a false gospel now promoted? Once again, the overwhelming evidence says yes.

Of course, few want to hear if what they’ve been taught must be corrected. Furthermore, if their acceptance to Heaven is by different standards than originally taught, what must they do to ensure this authentic salvation? This is not something any sane mind wants to take lightly. Scripture says eternal torment awaits the unsaved, so we all need to give this our greatest attention.

6 messages

6 messages are presented below, but 1 of them is a summary of the other 5. Everyone is encouraged to only listen to the first 30 min summary message, and then from there, they can determine if they want to hear the other 5--that explain the summary in far greater detail. Having researched this topic in depth, however, we encourage everyone to consider the evidence submitted—in all 6 presentations.

We know of NO topic more worthy of consideration than this one. After all, it determines where each of us will spend never-ending eternity. With the Bible’s continual warnings of using only scriptural teaching over man’s or clergy’s interpretations of scripture, this mandates that each person is fully responsible for his or her own afterlife. We can never blame another for misleading us in our earthly spiritual pilgrimage.

Taking just 30 minutes to see how your present beliefs match with 1st-century Biblical teachings would be a wise move for anyone seriously considering Heaven. The messages are listed below—after the following book recommendations. 3 books we highly recommend at this time include:

‘Come Out of Her My People’ by CJ Koster. This short, easy-to-read, inexpensive book found online (Amazon, etc.), reveals startling ways that MC has morphed from 1st-century Christianity. Our western Bibles are nearly all rendered from Greek-written manuscripts copied hundreds of years after the Messiah. The Greek language was inundated with pagan terminology and beliefs. The vast majority of Modern Bibles have suffered greatly from these distortions. (Fortunately, recent discoveries of the Aramaic language used to write the original New Covenant scriptures (or New Testament) provide the accurate, original scrolls and texts! These expose the many pagan elements of modern American Bibles.)

‘Kidnapped from God’ by Andrew Roth. This recently published book can also be found online. It is an easy to read paperback that chronicles Biblical faith from its very beginning. It’s a very rare book that shows step-by-step how Christianity has morphed from the time of its Messiah. ‘Kidnapped by God’ enables us to better understand 1st century Christianity and how much it has changed, and why?

‘Rabbinic Judaism Debunked’ by Drs’ Bar and Broshi. This short and inexpensive book found online is an excellent read on how Judaism has been hijacked by its Rabbis, especially from the 1st-century onward. Rather than directing the Jewish people to individually read and carefully study their Torah and Tanakh (the entire Hebrew Bible), the Rabbis have insisted on being the only ones worthy of interpreting these Hebrew and Aramaic Scriptures. Relying on the ancient Talmud (rabbinical opinions) and such, Jews are now exhorted to follow the new laws invented by Rabbis since the end of Biblical days. Modern Judaism is a far cry from the days the Creator gave His inspired Word to the Children of Abraham, and it’s shocking to Bible students just how far the Rabbis now control the Jewish faith.

BCM - Sunday, January 15, 2023
Summary Message On Cultish Christianity


Message 1

BCM - Sunday, December 4th, 2022
Christians and Jews breaking 3rd Commandment


Message 2

BCM - Sunday, December 11th, 2022
The Cultish Difference Between
1st and 21st Century Christianity


Message 3

BCM - Sunday, December 18th, 2022
Modern Bible Translations Foster Cultish Christianity


Message 4

BCM - Sunday, January 1, 2023
Cultish Modern Christianity


Message 5

BCM - Sunday, January 8, 2023
Cultish Modern Christianity (2)



BCM - Sunday, December 25th, 2022
The Advent's Greatest Story NEVER Told







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