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What is i-S.C.O.P.E. all about?

The Cincinnati Skunk Ape Research Group, an appendage of i-S.C.O.P.E., is dedicated to finding out the truth about Bigfoot and the Skunk Ape. We do not concentrate exclusively on one, and we investigate both. We report incidents around the globe as well as sightings which we personally investigate in this area of the United States. We also have members which investigate sightings in other areas of the United States as well. i-S.C.O.P.E. is a larger organization (The Society for the Search for Cryptozoological Organisms and Physical Evidence) which studies everything from the Loch Ness monster, to aliens, to anything else you can think of. By joining the Cincinnati Skunk Ape Research Group, you are not necessarily joining i-S.C.O.P.E. We realize not everyone is interested in other things off-topic from bigfoot, so we have divided the two.

How long have you been in existence?

The Cincinnati Skunk Ape Research Group has been in existence since April 16, 1989, and we have had a presence on the web since 1998.

How many members do you currently have?

We don't like to throw numbers around, simply because there isn't a clear cut answer to this. The best way to answer is around 137. We have 23 members here in Cincinnati, and the rest are from around the United States, with a few in Canada and elsewhere. We have a mailing list of well over 220, and an e-mail list of over 300 people. There are a few
more requirements for becoming an actual member, so that may be why the count is so low compared to the mail and e-mail lists.

What is required of me as a member?

Not much, surprisingly. From time to time we collect informayion through surveys pertaining to the topic of bigfoot to be filled out, and we ask members to simply set fliers for our group in strategic places from time to time, such as meetings and seminars on related topics which we may not be able to attend. The most important role our members play is keeping us informed of any sightings reported in their area, or by interviewing others and e-mailing us with a sighting, if they happen to live in the same area.

Will my name or address be given out?

Absolutely not! We do not give out names, addresses, e-mail addresses or any information about sightings without permission.

What does it cost?

Nothing. Imagine that. There are very few things which are free in this world, and this is one of them. It is our hobby and passion. We get funding when we can, and donations are accepted, but we ask nothing from you. The newsletter which we mail out is free as of now and will remain so until our list gets too big for us to afford. The officers of the Cincinnati Skunk Ape Research Group have discussed in the past of setting a price, but it would be a minimal $3 to 4 dollars for the year, and would not begin until July, 2001. It is the minimal cost to cover the newsletter, and you are not committing to this by signing up now. Becoming a member is and always will be FREE!



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