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The following are photographs taken by John Lewis and team during their expedition in South America. They are property of their respective holders.

Everything starts in Manaus, located where the black water of the Rio Negro joins the brown water of the Amazon. Manaus is Amazonia's hub of modern day activity, located 1,000 miles West from the mouth of the world's mightiest river. At the edge of town we catch a boat to take us and our equipment up river. As you can see, we run out of civilization fast. It seems as though we are on the edge of the world.

These again are children from the village where we left civilization behind. This is the last tribe of people we saw who have had contact with the modern world. From this point we were on our own.

These are just a few of the types of wildlife we saw on our way to the area of interest.  Some include a howler monkey, a capybara, and a few other monkies.  They were definitely interested in us, and were amazing to see.  We didn't see a sloth until our third day into the forest, but we hypothesize that the giant sloth will be in the same type of area, as our DNA and eyewitness reports attest to.  We believe we now have the photo stations in the correct spot.



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