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The Unknown Creature
Ataka, Egypt

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At first glance, one wonders what freak of nature this aquatic monstrosity could possibly be. After further study and the development of the untrained eye, however, much of the mystery is "seemingly" revealed.

Cast up by a three-day gale in the Gulf of Suez in January 1950, the creature was not positively identified by experts. Therefore, would it be foolish for us today to take a dogmatic stance regarding the identity of this beached animal? Perhaps. We mustn't, however, ignore evidence.


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One identity does fit near perfectly from the visual appearance of this animal, and though a written explanation might suffice, the photograph to the right spells out what may have washed ashore in January 1950, at Ataka, Egypt. After a bitter struggle with a pack of killer whales, this unfortunate baby gray whale (in the baleen whale family) met its fate in the bay of Monterey, California. Sinking slowly down while up-side-down, two large, clearly defined "tusks" can be seen pointing (if the whale were right-side-up) downward. The appearance of "walrus-like tusks" on the Egyptian carcass, in the same way, may just well have been the lower jaws of what some believe to be a large baleen whale. Regardless of what particular species it was, this physical feature is one shared by all whales. Taking a closer look at the carcass, one can even make out a small blowhole near the top-center of the animal.

So, the question must be asked, "Why were many scientists of the day unable to identify it, while we today, only 50 years later, can identify it by simply looking at a photograph?" This is a valid question indeed, one which should make us question our personal evaluations. Perhaps certain physical features deterred the scientists of the day to reach this conclusion. In any case, though it very well could have been a whale, we may never know for certain.

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