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11/05 - Does it take millions of years for light from stars to reach our planet?
9/05 - Don't your preconceived ideas make everything irrelevant?

When uranium 238 turns into lead 206, how many particles escape?
Does sugar in space indicate how life started, because sugar is part of DNA?
Mr. Niednagel, why do whales and snakes have unused leg bones?
2/05 - Isn't man an ape, since we most closely resemble apes?
1/05 - Can you answer my questions regarding Archaeopteryx?
12/04 - Did humans in their perfection perform natural body functions?
11/04 - Will scientists be able to accurately date the rock samples we send in?
10/04 - Is there any proof that the earth is not more than about 6,000 years old?
9/04 - Are you sure that no complete geologic column has been discovered?
7/04 - Dinosaurs and humans lived together because of a monk's tomb?
6/04 - Can the big bang, as the book espouses, be used as evidence for a Creator?
5/04 - Doesn't HIV's resistance to drugs prove evolution?
4/04 - Why does the fossil record support evolution?
3/04 - How are dinosaurs classified?
2/04 - Should Christians believe the Law of Conservation of Energy and Mass?
1/04 - Is evolution a religion?
12/03 - What exactly is a dinosaur?
11/03 - Why is your name
10/03 - Why did the Brontosaurus change its name?
9/03 - What is the New Jersey Devil?
8/03 - Is Big Foot real?
7/03 - Is he right about the Wollemi Pine?
6/03 - Why not include this quote from Dr. Fedduccia?

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Josef T. Long
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11/05 -
Can you please explain how the 2nd law conflicts with science?
- Is it possible for the horse to have come from Eohippus?
6/05 - Do you know if it is possible for mutations to benefit a species' adaptation?
5/05 - Why do you take Bible as an absolute source of truth?

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Cryptozoology - The study of the hidden animal world, cryptozoology is a science of speculation and surprise, involving the search for animals thought to be extinct to new creatures never before identified.

Creation vs Evolution - What was popularized in 1859 by former Christian turned agnostic, Charles Darwin, has in our day become one of the most hotly contested and sharply dividing issues to be found anywhere.

Dinosaurs - Considerable controversy surrounds dinosaurs, from their place in history to their color, habits, and overall physiology. As viewpoints collide, the search for answers continues. - All Rights Reserved - - Best Viewed With IE 6.0 & Above