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3/05 - Jamie writes
Mr. Niednagel - Why is it that some species of snake and whale have unused leg bones buried in their body? Is this not a clue that they used to have legs for walking? ... Why is it that today's animal species are not being found as fossils along with dinosaurs? Also, why would God make such creatures as the fly or mosquito? ... Does Ghandi deserve to burn in Hell?

Well, thank you kindly for the bouquet of questions! I typically only choose submissions with one or two questions related to the same topic, but yours appealed to me.

In any case, every evolutionist who is informed of what he believes knows that snakes and whales don't have "unused leg bones," as you put it. First of all, let's say for a moment that you're exactly right ... that whales and snakes possess unused leg bones. Notice that this isn't a gain, but a loss. While evolution, admittedly, isn't just a series of continual gains, it must rely on a majority of gains in order to work. Is that, therefore, how evolution works? You lose everything until you have it all? Obviously, no.

Now, these "leg bones" are not unused, but in both cases are vital in reproduction. Special muscles attach to those bones in the whale, without which they cannot perform valuable functions. As for snakes, those "legs" are used to grab hold of the female during mating. One can still believe these "legs" in both whales and snakes were once true legs, but don't say they aren't being used. That is completely false.

Regardless, the entire argument doesn't help your case anyway, as they are examples of loss, not gain. The entire vestigial argument should be avoided by all evolutionists.

As for your second question, many present-day animals have been found fossilized in the same strata as and lower than dinosaurs, and even evolutionists know this. They're called "living fossils," and include the great white shark, nine-banded armadillo, crocodile, tuatara, sturgeon, horseshoe crab and coelacanth, to name a few. Many fossilized animals discovered differ little from those still alive today, and are a testimony to speciation within limits, not macro-evolution.

As for the mosquito and fly, they serve important purposes today, as did their ancestors, though probably different and better purposes before the Fall. As for Ghandi, that is a theological issue, and so I will refrain from commenting.

Thanks for writing,

Jordan Niednagel


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