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11/05 - Dmous writes
Mr. Niednagel - I'm always hearing that it takes millions or billions of years for light from stars to reach our planet. As a young-earth creationist, do you know of any good arguments to use against this theory? Thanks!


Thanks for the question, Dmous. Due to my travel schedule, I have not had the time to answer every question submitted to the extent that I would like to. Things are starting to slow down now, thankfully, so let the questions continue coming!

For now, please let me direct you to our Q&A page located in our Creation vs Evolution section, where we deal with that exact question.

Truly hope it helps, and thanks for writing.

Jordan Niednagel

11/05 - Karl writes ...
Mr. Long - I'd just like to ask your position on the 2nd Law of
Thermodynamics. In one of the articles (and i'm sure it is
stated elsewhere) it has been stated that evolution conflicts with the law. Could you please explain to me exactly how it conflicts, as to the best of my knowledge, as the earth is not in a closed system (it has the sun supplying energy)?


Hello Karl,

You're absolutely right that the earth is an open system. However, the energy the earth recieves from the sun is largely destructive. The sun's energy will destroy just about anything that is exposed to it (over time). The only thing on earth that I am aware of that can convert the sun's energy into usable energy is chlorophyll. In other words, adding energy to an open system is destructive unless there is a mechanism to utilize that energy.

If the primitive earth didn't have anything to utilize the sun's energy, then how could complex life forms have evolved in the first place?

I will cut the evolutionists some slack on that last point, because I realize that no evolutionist claims to have all the answers, especially in areas of how life began. But the bottom line is: adding energy to an open system is destructive 100% of the time, unless there is something that is able to use the energy.

Thanks for writing,

Josef Long


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